The Joining Process


Our members share a commitment to our Club’s objectives, which include furthering the interests of nudism as a recreational and social activity and maintaining a secure and congenial environment for this in the ACT.


When you seek to join, we ask that you hold a commitment to these objectives, that you will actively and harmoniously interact socially in the club as a nudist, and uphold the Club’s constitution, by-laws and guidelines.


The joining process takes some months.


1. Tell Us You're Interested

Contact the Club and discuss your interest with the Membership Secretary, who will guide your further contact with the Club. (To do this fill in the Online Enquiry Form.)


2. Visit the Club

The Membership Secretary may arrange to meet you at the Club or as agreed. Visits to the Club may follow, when you can confirm your interest in membership.


3. Mix and Mingle

Further visits to the club provide you with an opportunity to get to know us and to show your commitment to the Club’s objectives. A membership application may follow and we will let our members know that you have applied to join. If your application is tentatively accepted, you will be asked to pay an application fee.


4. Join the Club!

Once members get to know you, if you are then accepted into membership, you will be invited to pay the membership fee and become a member of the Club. Congratulations and welcome!