Relax! Naturally!

About the ACT Nudist Club

The ACT Nudist Club is located in a 14 ha natural bushland setting on the outskirts of the Australian Capital Territory, near Bungendore, NSW, about 30 minutes drive from the centre of Canberra.


Our members include professional, trades and clerical people from public and private sectors and there are families, couples, single people, young and old. Our members cover the full range of body shapes and sizes, so if you’re concerned about yours, then don’t worry. The wonderful thing about social nudity is that everyone is on the same level.


Most warm weekends you’ll find people in the recreation room or around the pool.  Our members find that there's no better way to relax than to drive out to the club, climb out of the car—and their clothes—and leave all their cares behind. If the weather’s cool we have a slow combustion heater to warm the the recreation room and a wood-fired sauna.


See our pamphlet: ACTNC Pamphlet.pdf.


See the Membership page for details about joining the club.

The ACT Nudist Club has a range of facilities:

• a solar-heated swimming pool

• a wood-fired sauna

• tennis and badminton courts

• a spacious recreation room with kitchen


Relaxing naturally is very pleasant. You feel truly yourself and aware of the environment in a way not otherwise possible—especially outdoors. At the ACTNC you can spend as much time as you like without clothes. Many visitors find that the worst thing about the club is getting dressed when it’s time to leave.


We have regular social activities such as barbecues, trivia nights, dinners and the like.


The club is affiliated with the Australian Naturist Federation and the International Naturist Federation, which gives access to a range of clubs and resorts around Australia and internationally. We welcome visitors from other ANF/INF affiliated clubs and nudist travellers. The club has powered and unpowered caravan and camping sites for members and visitors. The cabin accommodates up to a family of four.


See the Accommodation page for details.