Nudism is simply about being nude. If you look up the word ‘nudism’ in a dictionary you will find all sorts of definitions, e.g. ‘the practice of not wearing any clothes on beaches and other areas specially set aside for this purpose’, or ‘the practice of going nude as a means of healthful living’. The International Naturist Federation defines nudism as ‘a way of life in harmony with nature, characterised by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and respect for the environment’.


An excellent introduction to nudism (or ‘naturism’ as it otherwise known) can be found on Wikipedia.


Of course people have been going naked forever, some living like that all the time. Swimming and bathing were nearly always a naked activity. Unfortunately this changed. Nudism as we now know it began in Germany early in the twentieth century. It soon spread throughout Europe and eventually to the UK and America. It first came to Australia in the late 1920s, introduced by European migrants. Initially it was confined to secluded clubs or remote beaches. As time passed community attitudes changed and nudist clubs have become more open about their activities.


The Australian Naturist Federation was founded in 1968 to promote the nudist recreational lifestyle and to encourage inter-club activities.


The International Naturist Federation promotes and coordinates naturism around the world.


Links to websites of other clubs and organisations can be found here.



Nudism, far from being a craze, is a particularly fulfilling way of life, which is becoming increasingly popular. Why is this? First and foremost, it is because it is synonymous with the idea of freedom. It is also because the benefits of nudity on the mind and body are very real. Finally, it is because social differences disappear once clothes are discarded. At the ACTNC, we promote healthy and all-ages nudism that is practised with respect:


• respect for others: politeness, discretion and consideration are shown at all times. Complete nudity is encouraged everywhere, but is obligatory in the pool area. Clothes can be worn when necessary (e.g. when it is cold). We also respect the fact that some may be self-conscious.


• self-respect: each visit allows you to reconnect with your body, to liberate it and to accept and love it. Activities such as swimming and walking naked provide a sense of healing and wellbeing. You can be yourself with complete peace of mind.


• respect for the environment: our nudism lives side by side with the natural world. Our site is a nature reserve and a home for a multitude of plants and animals.